Anba Bishay and Anba Potros

Coptic Orthodox Church

Zagazig - Egypt



100 Years blessed Church

The holy church of Saint Beshay and Saint Petros was remodeled in the year 1985  with the order of his holliness Anba Yakobos.

Saint Beshay and Saint Potros Legend

They were born in poha (Sedfa recently)in Fao uper Egypt from very rich relijious family, they were also cousins. Bishay's father (Theobostos) was very rich man and,(Kharis) his mother was very nice lovely women and her father was a wise priest (Yohanna) and he told his daughters Mariam and Kharis thatthey will be blessed with two sons Bishay and Potros,and they will die in the name of our lord Jesus christ as myrters.After about 17 years without pregnancy for Mariam and her sister Kharis God blessed them with Bishay and Potros as Yohanna's prophecy. Saint Beshay was born at the 1st of Paramoda (Coptic Calender),every one was so happy for his parents,and they made him a great party last seven days.In his baptist day, their church has an old saint blind priest (Michel) held saint bishay and took the baby's hand and put it on his blind eyes,his eyesbecame cure at once.

Also saint Michel make a prophacy about the baby and his cousin Potros saying that they will die in the name of God. Saint Potros was a bit older than Saint Beshay but unfortunatly his mom died when he was only three.Then Saint Potros lived with his aunt kharis (Beshay's mother), she loved Potros as her child Beshay. When Beshay and Potris were about seven years old. Theobostos sent them to an old priest (Josef) to be students in his care. They obeyed their new teacher in every and all ways, and benefits from their teachertoo much,he helped them to understand the HOLY BIBLE in a spritual ways and why must to attend the church all the the time for the sake of the comunion.,and when their teacher saw how much theyinto that life he aaked the bishop to put his hand on them in order to make them a deacons in the holy church.Our saints liked the live in the church ,they use to fast up to the star (meant they eat nothing untill about7PM every day,they prayed all the time night and dayaskin for our GOd mercy 140 times day and 140 in the night. When Beshay reaches 27 years old ,he and Potros were reached a high level of the holy life that any christian wants to have. Never looked in a bad way to any women,never heard saying bad ward,no money ever changhed their life, but they give all the money they have to thepoor people. The arch angel MEKHAEEL appeared to them and told them a message from our LORD that they will see a hard time from th Roman king.But that hard time will end when Conostanteen be a King for the Roman Kingdom. when Beshay reached 30 years old his parents died in the same day,he felt so sad because of that, but he knows that"they are living in a better place". Aghrpetateem was a solider in the roman military,he went to serve in Rome upon Nomarios (the emperor ) days. Aghrpetateem was tall and strong enough to impress the princes,she loved him. and her father was escaped from his enemy and no one knows where he is !!!!,at that time the princes announced that Aghrpetateem to be the new King under the name 'DEKLEDYANOOS" which did not like the christian people although he was one of them one day!!!,he started to KILL all the christian people every where arround his kingdom .



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